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← Religious Doctor Denies Medicine for HIV Positive Gay Man

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@Amos: here's a shining example of what we've been talking about on the 'moral compass' thread....for every action there should be a reaction. Religious bigotry in all its feckin despicable glory.

She really needs to look inside herself and analyze that what she did is not going to get her into heaven. Who is she to judge ? Is it not god the last judge? Logic follows that her god will punish her. If anything for impersonating god.

It would be one thing if she had removed herself from attending the person and having someone come and take over instead of just walking out and saying deal with it you deserve what you got. How can anyone specially a christen be so cruel. This kind of person besides needing serious mental help, need to have her medical license revoked and launch a class action suit against her and the hospital.

Appalling to say the least...

About the moral compass, we lost the compass with the moral :(

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