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Don't look at it as wasted time. Look at it as a valuable learning experience which is leading you to change. It never is too late until you die. So you must use anytime you have got to do what you have learned is the right choice for you.

Yes VV, I try.

This actually brings up another point related to "sunk costs" (and as a side note, I'm not sure if it should be considered a fallacy.)When someone realizes that they have wasted time, been wrong, etc. usually one of the first things that happens is they compare themselves socially to other people in some way. They look at someone from school or college and see how that person has an advantage to them and how that other person is better off. This usually sucks the joy right out of you and is a worthless task, but everyone has done it.

No one wants to "look bad" in the eyes of other people. Loss of respect as you say leads to less options for a mate. I think this is even more true for men. For women, she is low on the totem pole and this puts her at risk for all sorts of abuse or being ignored. This may or may not happen, but people see this as a reality and want to avoid it at all costs. When the realization of lost time, efforts, etc. hit, the choice is to either change or dig in your heels. Change requires being a beginner, stumbling and making errors, until some sort of mastery sets in. This is an awkward phase and most people think other people looking in are making value judgements of them as people. Usually most people are too concerned with themselves to pay any attention.

Yet at times, people will notice. Like it or not other people in high status positions reward based on "looks." This may be a literal physical attraction or the ability of a person to play the part for a certain role. People take this into account and will focus their attention on what is safe or they exaggerate their abilities or qualities.

We are a complex species with many social challenges and interactions. I wonder if this is some sort of disconnect that people feel that their physical survival is in jeopardy when they realize they need to start over. It's as if we cannot distinguish the difference between the tiger in the grasses and "losing face."If this is the case, it would make sense why some people hold onto their views; some part of them feels that their physical life is in actual danger.

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