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I don't see how the "sunk cost fallacy" fits with religion.

You "know" you will be in paradise for eternity so wasting 70-100 years praying and suffering and other shite is a tiny investment in comparason. I fact you surely would spend a significant portion of your life ensuring other took yhis obvious path. This would include brainwashing your children in they way you were brainwashed.

Any suggestion that there is no paradise gives you no pause for thought. 6 billion humans believe as you do and the other billion are godless, evil people who will burn for eternity in hell (unless they wise up and find a god(s).

Sunk cost fallacy can only apply to earthly and short term ventures which are all unimportant since they are not religion.

How do you successfully fight against such irrational beliefs?!

Tue, 03 Jul 2012 00:29:49 UTC | #948476