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Comment 10, Vrij,

Ha, yes. Buses. Same old story. It's like waiting for (God)ot. You wait ages, then 6,000 turn up at once. No educated or even moderately intelligent person can really believe there's only one, once they see there's a convoy of gods. They twig that there is none. And still they cling to the lie, proudly proclaim the lie and teach it to children.

Nobody likes to admit she or he was wrong, or that loved-ones lied to them, but first, they too had to lie to themselves every day. What a waste of mental energy and human potential. Our best springs from our mistakes, but only when we embrace them. They won't have been a waste of time. Mistakes are the stepping stones of progress.

Tue, 03 Jul 2012 11:56:24 UTC | #948490