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Collateral damage is far likelier if you are born to a lack of a pit stop team. Life is a chaos of ranges of maintenance that may prove very costly, or very beneficial, to your reality. They will either strengthen or freeload ones birth and existence. This may well posit the scrap yard as the very next likeliest location, or alternatively a life of adventure. This chaos equation and the fractals that follow seem to me very often scripted absent anything one can self correct. Collateral damage, the universal gravity of the entropy (which we see the world over daily and largely ignore) , is too great an inertia for the lone human to compensate. In this sense, it makes far more sense, for the life to be lived to do so by paying homage to lies, singing for myths to save us all, and pretending to be fully supportive of powers that reward us for so doing and not to be rendered "freeloaders" to some other system which is not a dominant inertia of the thinkers around us. "Surplus to requirement" is what the entropy will make sure is your reward!

It makes far more sense, to those hating "freeloaders" to become a successful theist, preaching theism and doing very well out of it. You should think carefully about this equation for it is but one circle in a very large web. The inertia of delusion not only empowers itself to steal away your rights to think freely but, if you do, also often takes control of the prime positions of all your subjective moral ethics, as if displaying to you that it does better at what you consider secular values. Those retaining positions in society, which in a secular sense contribute to society, often get reserved for best placed delusionals, and further render "would be comrades" as collateral damage to society per se.

In this sense, hypocrisy holds many of the most respected positions on planet Earth. This fact always makes me think thrice whenever I consider what I permit myself to think about others per se. It kinda leads me into thinking humanity is more arse up most always.

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