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Comment 22 by VrijVlinder :

my tongue-in-cheek remarkwas addressed tothe person who thought a male committing infanticide would cause male genes to predominate. With a sexualreproducing species female genes cannot be removed from the gene pool

if human males could clone themselves, I must conclude that the gene pool would get very small and eventually those people would die off.Cloning is only practical in cell divisory organisms.

cf. Dolly The Sheep etc.

Protozoa , bacterium, etc. Cutting an earthworm in half could constitute cloning.

I'm not sure this is true. Plants clone quite easily

The closest thing to cloning in organisms that are hermaphrodites with two sets of sex organs , male and female. Auto insemination.One can't get away from ovum and fertilization after that.

I don't think hemaphodites usually have sex with themselves (though there is some pretty strange stuff in nature).

Cloning also happens with parthenogensis (females giving birth without sex) amny animals do this including quite "high order ones" such as lizards.

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