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Basically, I see many global barriers to free thought based upon the positions that currently represent the evolution of humanity and likely will continue regardless:

If theism (or delusion or tribal loyalty) insists you follow it from a position of poverty you likely will remain there and untroubled as long as you give up your rights to think for yourself. Possibly you will be regarded as part of a group. Poor beginnings, poor prospects.

If theism gives you riches, there is only need for you to pay lip service to this and enjoy the spoils of privilege, rather than using your freethinking to liberate others - possibly at cost to your own position. Rich beginnings, richer rewards.

If you find yourself with privilege and the position to develop freethinking, you might juggle an interesting existence for yourself; likely not sacrificing too much of anything you posses, but requiring others to do so in order to help adjust the status quo to one more. Mixed beginnings, mixed blessings. Maybe even a best fit position for the human mind and existential per se?

Betwixt these three places there is all manner of chaos: failure and isolation; success and popularity: few of which depend directly upon free thought and equality, but more on how one plays a deceptive (self or of others) life to assist ones existence or sacrifices it, likely without thanks, for the sake of what exactly? - it's tough to know for sure - especially when noone is appreciative or even aware of what you do in their stead and maybe even that of delusions you absorbed in the polluted educations the world over?

Principles are often fickle and fighting for kudos, amidst a delusional mass of competitors often more hell bent on survival and credulity.

It strikes me that of all the mass inequalities, there are principles many of us continually aspire to and get consumed by without any real piece in the puzzle representing who we are and how we will be continually sacrificed by the entropy/ status quo without ever having our position meet with any merit or recognition therein, that almost amounts to some form of personal delusional. Que sera!

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