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@LaurieB: At that moment, for me, that's when I accepted that we are only apes; only animals; not special.

Yes that realization however intellectually understood, is something humans have been trying to eradicate from human nature. Is it possible to reach a point where pathological behavior such as this, is ousted from human behavior?

If so what would it take, how long would it take ? would it spell the end of the human race?

That saying "Nature is wise", is this what it means? If things are the way they should be according to nature, who are we to interfere or change the path of evolution a certain species should take?

I think humans are more than apes. They are a plague. No amount of infanticide in humans will change that. Every second a new baby is born. At this rate we will no longer be able to maintain support of all the people. In China they have a child limit or people pay fines or worse. This may seem as inhumane but infanticide or forced sterilization is much worse.

In the case of humans, this behavior will not be focused only on infants. If resources are at stake humans will kill each other. That is nature.

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