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@Comment 19 by xmaseveeve : a young man phoned 999 on his mobile phone, from his hospital bed, and said he was dying of thirst and the nurses would not listen to him. The police went to the hospital but were assured by a nurse that the patient was simply confused. An hour and a half later, he died from dehydration.

In this case the police have demonstrated undeserved respect for Nurses. If they had been nuns the same would have happened. The police could never imagine a nurse or nun to be neglectful. And even less a doctor.

Maybe in the past nurses and doctors took their job seriously. But it is no longer that way. A patient has to have patient advocates or they do not get the care they deserve.

People are fallible no matter what they are and do not deserve, undeserved respect just because of their profession, religion, gender.

This is a horrible crime to allow without some kind of repercussion.

Tue, 03 Jul 2012 22:54:08 UTC | #948527