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Red Dog,

This has hardly been reported. David Ike's website discusses it! as does 'Unexplained mysteries'. There's nothing mysterious about it. The BBC, apparently doesn't have time for 'human interest' stories, especially not on a quiet news day, of which there have been few, of late. I heard about this case on the local London news station, LBC.

I know, I know, it's the 'Daily Mail', but this report from yesterday goes into greatest detail. It is shocking and harrowing. Quite rightly, the Coroner has now referred the case to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. (The inquest is still ongoing.) Could some kind darling please post a link to the following?

I'll have to be careful what I say about these nurses, and I don't know if it was one of them who said this (I assume it was) but a nurse asked the family if they were 'finished' (after they'd been with his dead body) and then turned to the matron, in front of the family, and said they'd go and 'bag him up' then.

As for the police - no, I wouldn't say they were criminally responsible, but I agree with Vrij that the police should learn from this, and not take the word of a person against whom an allegation has been made, even when the person is a nurse (or a sadistic nun, paedophile priest, or Dr. Shipman). The police could have saved this boy's life.

It strikes me that because the Christian woman doctor did something intentional, as opposed to reckless, what she did was worse. Luckily, her patient survived, but hers was a hate crime. Either way, it sends a shiver up your spine to think that you or someone you love could receive such 'care' when in a position of such vulnerability.

Red, I send you my love, as my brother had MS, but you're arguing with me over three blockquotes which I didn't say! I take your points, exactly! After your first remark, your argument is with someone else.

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