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Exposing the degree to which religion has warped and distorted the true nature of our sexuality and reproductive behavior is in no way irrelevant. We are half of the population. The virgin/whore dichotomy that is and has been imposed on us has been psychologically devastating. Religion has disabled our ability to control our own fertility. You apparently take this lightly, maybe plenty of guys do so, but I'm willing to bet that my fellow females here on this site don't take it lightly at all. Is this really a waste of time? We don't think so.

Of course I'll be dancing in the streets if religion disappears from the face of the earth. I doubt if any of us will live long enough to see it but the progress we've seen even in the past decade is encouraging. You might consider that as more women realize the extent to which they have been controlled and manipulated by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they will reject these patriarchal institutions and embrace a more female centered view of sexuality and reproduction and encourage more women to leave their archaic beliefs behind them.

You seem bothered by the fact that many atheists are involved in fights on many fronts. Do you think that this weakens us? I never saw it that way. I think we are a diverse group with many interests and talents and I think it's a strength for us that we can fight on a number of fronts. Although we have a few disagreements with feminism at this point, there is still an enormous amount of agreement between Feminism and Atheism in general, especially on the subject of women suffering under the monotheistic religions, as explained above. Let's celebrate women fighting on this front and all credit to the men who back us up too.

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