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Comment 26 by VrijVlinder :

Fickle because of it's capacity to become confused? Or because it betrays one quite often? Or because it gives us false hope?

This is a true statement and one that is equally disturbing when analyzed. People lie to themselves and can't be totally truthful . Must be part of a coping mechanism.

It's amusing that I'm finding it hard to express exactly just how "fickle" we are. I kinda know your brain will already be down several avenues on this, which is all good! We are fickle in the sense: that we arrive at birth in a context already polluted with masses of unnecessaries that we have to waste time learning about in order to realise it isn't to be taken seriously; that we more easily jump to conclusions about each other based upon what others say about someone, than spend time getting it from the individual per se. This point is interesting to me in that it fully posits who we each are and think like upon the shoulders of others, whom we have no idea how much to trust the extent to which; they are first sincere people, and second are not themselves deluded or poorly informed in various ways about whatever we might take seriously from them. Add to this the socially evolved generations of authoritarian bureaucracy, similarly loaded with fallacy, unmentionable delusionals and preserved respect for fairly undeserved layers of status ( why not all equal in communication and social grace? - is this not the height of respect for our fellow man absent the crap of bowing and subduing our behaviours to the delusion of higher rank? Does this swallowed pill not default to high browing over the lowly amidst us - who deserve to be respected as equals?) and we soon begin to see how self deluded the most powerful amongst us most often are fickle to the role playing of. The whole equation is one of role plays preordained prior to our arrival and to which we must somehow quickly adapt and take up our place in the great big show on the yellow brick road. This fickle! Thanks for asking.

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