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Red Dog,

We don't have much disagreement here, believe it or not. Ok, the part about the birds required no correction from you. I included it as a sort of timeline that was meant to explain how I got to my present position on this whole thing. The birds part was what I used to think up until about 5 years ago. Over and done. Since then, I've apparently been reading much of the same stuff that you have been reading too. Don't worry, Trivers will bring you most of the way and Hrdy will get you the rest of the way. She studied under him I think I heard somewhere. Maybe from her when she spoke at Harvard last year.

Of course mothers want to protect their offspring at all costs. That's a given. What we are talking about here are special circumstances where she's between a rock and a hard place in conditions that don't seem to exist here and now. When I talk about the evolution of female reproductive strategies I'm sure as shit not talking about a hundred years ago but an immense timeline that extends into our deep past.

you said: (I'm afraid to try blockquote because I screwed it up so bad on previous thread)

" I do agree that there is a lot of conditioning from the paternalistic, sexist Abrahemic religions but I think at least part of the reasons for such conditioning is that we are wired by evolution to want to nurture our children, and the evolutionary pressure is even higher for women then men."

I don't quite get this. If you are saying that we are wired by evolution to want to nurture our children.. I have no argument with that but are you saying that religions have just jumped on that bandwagon and serve to reinforce what's already there? We don't need it. They use the glorified, purified, sanctified motherhood thing to make us feel bad when we have different ideas about our relationships and how we want them to proceed.

"Because as humans we can rise above (or in some cases fall below) the direction our genes push us. We are capable of over riding our genetic programming to make decisions for ourselves."

Of course this is true! I override my evolutionary imperatives every day and so don't most of us! Just because I talk about how things must have been, that doesn't mean it's all fine and dandy in the here and now! Jeezis! I'm surprised I even have to explain it on THIS website!

I hope you will read more on this and come back for more discussion. It's not an easy subject, as I said previously, and it takes some getting used to. Again, I doubt if we even disagree about anything, just that you're missing some information. Naturally, those authors mentioned above have a talent for explaining these concepts that I lack. :-)

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