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It's not RE! There is no message that humans are often more easily coerced into beliefs depending upon where they live, or purely due their parents beliefs, as "thought fossils" left over from an age before science was known about.

It's not presenting how some humans think myths are real either, and that this is just one example of these! Neither is is presenting the likely unknown position, to most 5 year olds, as to how exactly we likely got here and what really is the universal order of authority, in some child friendly way. It's invigorating a delusion based upon secular order of a "Christian nation" and sending emotional allegiance to some seductive recipe inclusive of this position. It's childhood propaganda essentially, that will be reinforced by "Christmas magic", Easter bunny from the middle East and faeries rewards from the other side of consciousness minus any challenge as to whether this "wonderland" is real or whether this distraction in any way poisons the thinking, feeling and general abilities of the individual to learn how to process life information in confusing ways.

Looking back, I see this as , in part, a freemasons "Joker" that is bound to dissonance those kids without parents to "wise them up" on bullshit detection techniques. In effect it classes child psychology by entropic method. (Those in authority in society will most usually wise up their kids in the rat race for educational station and let them know how the credulous kids are more easily managed from a directors point of view. The orders of power and rank are already being dealt a psychological oppressive; a virus for inferiority and guilt tripping the mind.). Naturally those kids from less than compos mentis households are onto a hiding later in their formative education (unless they defer to some mob based cliques of their own) due no real incisive personal emotional assistance being within their daily diet, and especially none helping them deal with the cognitive dissonance this infuriates their thinking and emotions with, due lack of access to open thinking and analytical rebuffs:

"Well kid, this was bullshit all along and these adults simply think it a kindness to lie to you so you can enjoy the real experience of thinking the world is made for you! In actual fact the order of all species is one of millions of years of mutations and fights for survival that amazingly, by Mandelbrot type chaos, got you sitting here thinking a "loving tester of loyalty till death" was how it came about. We could go into that too but military history is for another lesson." - is not something many are likely to hear in the nick of time as it were. It's usually too late at least, by varying margins, for those kids eating the drivel as if in some way they were supposed to work out the truth from the dross from a highly trusted educational profession. Let's not tell the kid about politics FGS, they're only 5 after all and have no idea how their heads are being subliminally squeezed absent their knowledge. Leave them to their delusional pleasures.

Incisive, freethinking education from the outset, primed of the poisons of social and political inheritance and interference, is very difficult to get your brains to the restau'rants' of. More public school stuff eh? An authoritarians education more like!

My advice (against almost everything I ever had the timely position to do myself): combat this stuff at home early, regularly, and help your kid "wise up" to the yellow brick road they keep being handed the red slippers to traipse upon. Offer them stress-less conversation about how things tick, as an ongoing, keeping their imaginations in a dialogue with what you know versus what the world keeps hitting them with. After all that's the world we are in - and we know this already when we stop to think about it.

Noone is likely gonna do your kid a favour more than the others, unless you work it out that way - and even then it's hit an miss! Think along the lines of how the Queens Jubilee went with some on this site saying how they cashed in on the show despite being side show observers to the anthem of any God saving any of us. This is "American smart"; not ideal but maybe a best fit for social evolution minus the stress of considering taking up the strains of social revolution and all the collateral damage that incorporates.

As Eddie Izzard recommends, "Box clever!".

Minimise the collateral in a world looking to hard wire you to its mainframe, without feeling it's your life's sacrifice to go pull the plug!

This is the chaos of life: weave and dodge whenever the gremlins try to get a laugh out of you and yours!

Be a hypocrite! But know why!!! And be able to laugh at exactly how you decided why this is a best solution.

Obviously if you know of a school for the freethinking rational humans of tomorrow, sign up!

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