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:-) Ohhh, come on now eve, let's not blow a fucking gasket over this whole unsavory mess. I'm not talking whatsoever about victorian unwed young moms and how society screwed them over, literally and figuratively. And not about hideous baby farmers either. But if you want to read a cool book about that try Fingersmith by Susan Waters. It's a fiction, which I rarely read any of but what a hum-dinger!

Now rest assured, I'm not saying abortion is murder. Did I even say that? No way. I'm pro-choice! Look, what that article is considering is exactly what we already know. It's a pro-choice, pro-science perspective. Instead of the pro-life stance which is that "life begins at conception" the article is considering the idea that there isn't any difference really between the consciousness and awareness of a late term fetus and a newborn. This is why late term abortion is illegal. Do you think that late term abortion is fine? Do you think that late term abortion is much different than post birth "murder"? This is what the article is attempting to sort out. That's as far as I had time to get in that article and I'll go over it in closer detail tomorrow in the am when I'm fresh.

You know, it's perfectly consistent for us to carry a feminist hard line and still take a truthful and realistic view of our own sexuality and reproductive strategies too you know! Some unsavory truths to be dealt with but what a fantastic scenario we have - all said and done! Take it easy on the bangers and mash though...just sayin...

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