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← Special objections to the right to die - purely religious?

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As far as I can see there is a real, practical debate to be had on this issue around safeguarding against vulnerable people being coerced or persuaded into taking their own life if they have become a burden to a (in my view callous) family, for example.
.. That "real" argument notwithstanding, I'm curious to see if anyone can think of any "special" reasons why assisted dying is a bad idea, other than the religious concept that a person's life is not their own to take, but that it belongs to god (whoever he/she might be), and that to end your own life is somehow to "sin".

There were earlier discussions on this:- - see my comment 3 on this thread for further links.

The arguments for people making their own choices - with protections for the vulnerable, don't really have any some arguments against them.
It's the "god would not like it so we have to concoct reasons for being obstructive" arguments, which keep popping up.

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