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Here's another wiki paragraph from "child abandonment" page that explains about the connection between child abandonment and infanticide.

From Wikipedia:



Historically, many cultures practiced abandonment of infants, called "infant exposure." Although such children would survive if taken up by others, exposure is often considered a form of infanticide—as described by Tertullian in his Apology: "it is certainly the more cruel way to kill. . . by exposure to cold and hunger and dogs" Similarly, there have been instances of homicidal neglect by confinement of infants or children such as in the affair of the Osaka child abandonment case or the affair of 2 abandoned children in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by their mother Rie Fujii. Medieval laws in Europe governing child abandonment, as for example the Visigothic Code, often prescribed that the person who had taken up the child was entitled to the child's service as a slave.

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Hope these two wiki quotes can explain better why both wet nursing and child abandonment are both considered forms of infanticide. Guess I was a little too blunt with my "abandonment = infanticide" statement. heh..

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