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← Why is evolution more accepted in Mexico than in the USA?

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Even though Mexico is considered a third world country, it has much european influence specially the liberal influence. Also I think that they compartmentalize religion and reality better than Americans.

The question should be why are Americans more gullible to believe nonsense, any kind like Mormonism, and various cults.

I hate to say because Americans are more stupid but that is silly even though many are. In Mexico there is no group trying to change the schools curriculum. Church and State are very well separated when it comes to schools business and government.

In America religious libertinage has gotten out of hand with many ignorant people trying to change evolution with creationism. That view alone dose not jive in a secular country. There is scientific fact and there is superstition, Mexicans even with the least of education know the difference.

Would be great Americans did too...

Thu, 05 Jul 2012 20:34:08 UTC | #948651