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The biggest problem with getting rid of jewish indoctrination, is that it is very tightly knit with community. Being jewish is belonging to a community. A second family. Judaism opens the door for analyzation of ones life it is not as much as a guilt trip as others. Much scientific knowledge comes from the jews. Not everything a religion has to offer is totally negative.

I feel that the obsession with a god specially the personal god is the real problem here. I know many atheist jews. They also have trouble with family and community. Much is expected from a jewish individual as if being jewish is a special gift from god. Leaving this is like turning your back on family and community. Some people have gone back to being jewish some even chasidic .

I do not understand this because I freed myself as a child and only pretended for the sake of parents etc. Also it is not fair to have to marry only a jew. I find that one of the biggest problems I have with judaism.

clearing out the emotional side of indoctrination,

Involves disconnecting from community and family. If not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Don't be afraid to let them go. We do not need two sets of plates for milk and meat because our dishes are made from nonabsorbent materials. We have soap to wash them.

Eating milk and meat products together is not recommended because it causes gas. And indigestion.

The jews believe one is born jewish and it is a race of people. So if that is true then one can never resign completely from judaism , it may be sufficient to resign from gods.

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