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If you're ever curious about, "Why there be myth mongers?" everywhere in society and why there are high level legal protections and financial concessions reinforcing this, consider:

It's quite possible and likely that in many contexts there could be a room full of humans all paying lip service to the above authoritative regulations and all simultaneously thinking it absolute tripe - but each are so reluctant to confide this in each other due it possibly irking some covert believer in their midst, ad infinitum, that they act in general caution and wariness of each others position. The more myths there are likely to be in the room, the greater the fear of insulting someone somehow!

I think this is the equation power is conspiring to put on us all: the lowly and deprived, general population!

Add to this the number who can be got to be genuinely deluded and you really have held society hostage to a raft of Borderline Personality Disorder type preoccupations. Fear of saying the wrong thing becomes the status quo. Subdued becomes the emotionally dominant psychology.

Interesting stuff!

Makes sense to start young. Why else?

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