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← Why is evolution more accepted in Mexico than in the USA?

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The Roman Catholic Church, [edited by moderator], is focussed on ensuring RC's breed and produce the maximum number of children and increase the size of their particular parasite. This means more wealth, more power and therefore more protection from political laws that might limit their ambitions.

They are not interested in any laws against paedophilia, womens health or proper education for all. It was an RC who stated "give me the child and at 7 I wil give you the man".

Just because you find one thing that they believe in that you also believe in does not make them anything other than a parasite. Who cares what they say, it's what they do that is inhuman.

Ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition. Killed off most of the indigenous population of your country which is why your national language is Spanish (similar for most of the American Countries).

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