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← Why is evolution more accepted in Mexico than in the USA?

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I agree with most posters who say that the Catholic church's ostensible acceptance of evolution (as long as you don't try to understand the origin of life or the universe of course) is why Mexico is a saner country when it comes to science.

America in general is a very polarized "liberal vs. conservative, science vs. religion" culture and denial of evolution, the causes of climate change (and of climate change in whole) and basic science in general is a patriotic cause. To Americans evolutionists and scientists in general are part of a liberal agenda and an evil, European-based Satanic conspiracy to destroy the American (i.e. protestant Christian) way of life.

American democracy is inherently faulty in that the beliefs of the majority are taken to be the way the things really are despite the overwhelming evidence against it. Denial of climate change and the causes of climate change are handled the same way in the American media.

If a majority of the people believe the Earth is 4000 years old, and that evolution is false whether a god is involved or not, according to Americans that should be the accepted reality in classrooms. It is definitely comparable to the Party in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, who decide what the majority should believe on the basis of what is necessary for them to rule unconditionally. America is a totalitarian democracy, so to speak, and those who accept science, facts, reason and reality even when it conflicts with their religious wishful thinking are enemies of the state. I don't think Americans should consider themselves superior to the North Korean regime, for example, as long as this is so (worship of a false god, so to speak.) Americans intellectually handicap and cripple their children so they can be antagonistic to the world and enforce a morally satisfying viewpoint despite it's total falsehood. It's the American way.

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