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Catholics have no trouble with evolution, and I have never met a Catholic creationist although I know there are some in the US. It is biblical fundamentalists who are creationists. Note that the present Pope has refused to endorse Intelligent Design. As for the person who calls RC Church a 'paedophile organisation' that's one sixth of the world's population you have just tarred with the same brush!>>


The only 2 countries who have had a thorough investigation of the RC Church are Ireland and Holland.

In Ireland, they found that sexual abuse of children was systemic in RC Church run/controlled organisations.

In Holland they found 10,000 children who had been sexually abused and 800 paedophile priests.

In Boston (USA) the RC Church there filed for Chapter 11 to protect themselves from the lawsuits of victims of paedophile priests.

There only a very few prosecutions since the RC Church still have a coverup policy and many of the rules to enable this were actually written by the current pope, probaly why he was elected pope. The RC Church control many countries (though I think Ireland now is starting to wise up).

It should give you a clue to what the RC Church is to know that they refuse to recruit sexually normal people (no married people and any priests/nuns who marry are have to leave).

Yup, over a billion members of this organisation and most either ignore, collude or participate in their fiercly protected vice (one of them, their control of womens health by refusing contraception is another - then there is the Spanish Inquisition, etc)

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