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As a 62 year old whose body is deteriorating in expected ways - some of which I created by my life choices - this subject has been of interest to me for some time.

I firmly believe that choosing the time and place for me to return to being star stuff is the one real choice I've ever had, and I should be able to get assistance from other humans - before I have to take things into my own hands.

I have had a good run, have been a fairly decent human, have passed on half of my genes to my grown son, and have reduced my carbon footprint a lot after many years of being as profligate as any other middle-class Scots-Canadian.

I have never been part of any religion, or of any political party, and do not accept that they have any right to dictate or denigrate my personal choice to say farewell at a time, and using a reliable, painless method, of my choice.

I also feel that the 'Right To Die' should not have to wait until I am very ill, and have become a burden on myself, my family, friends or society. Since we all die, I don't see why I cannot psychologically choose to exit my life before it becomes too physically uncomfortable for me.

There are ways that this can be made lawful, without the 'killing grandpa for his loot' slippery slope arguments, if there are written, legal, witnessed instructions made at a time when I can easily be assessed as to my stability and sanity - especially since I wish to have something left to pass on before what I have is all used up by 'the system' expensively trying to extend my life.

I am pleased that some progress is being made in this area, and hope that things will get better in time for me, but if otherwise, I have (long ago) planned for my final exit, cremation and dispersal.

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