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The beauty of the RCC's position is that it is so fucked up and confused that it's members can interpret and believe just about any of a number of configurations on a theme and still not be breaking the rules. All bases are covered in the flummery coming out of the establishment.

Adam, Eve, and Evolution

Have a look for yerself.

Concerning biological evolution, the Church does not have an official position on whether various life forms developed over the course of time.


However, it says that, if they did develop, then they did so under the impetus and guidance of God, and their ultimate creation must be ascribed to him.

Sounds like a Carlsberg don't do... advert.

There are a few caveats....ya can't muck about with certain 'knowns'.....

It is equally impermissible to dismiss the story of Adam and Eve and the fall (Gen. 2–3) as a fiction. A question often raised in this context is whether the human race descended from an original pair of two human beings (a teaching known as monogenism) or a pool of early human couples (a teaching known as polygenism).

At least the creationist lunatics have the conviction of their beliefs and what the silly book actually says, for all their fucked-up-in-the-headedness, you have to give them a modicum of credit for being that sincere at least. These other Muppet's are just mucking about with their freeology as they see fit. It is nothing but an exercise in appeasement and its no bloody wonder because of the way they are fecking things up for themselves.

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