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We can talk to each other with respect, patience and kindness


and avoid condescending language,

What would you consider condescending?

ridicule and mocking

If someone repeatedly fails to make a clear argument, to support that argument and to provide evidence for it and hits reset every time they get cornered on it, eventually all that remains is ridicule and mockery. Of the ideas the person holds, of the methods the person uses, not of the person. Some people feel they are being personally ridiculed when they spout nonsense and are called on it. That's a problem they create for themselves.

We can also keep pure science in science classes


reserve naturalism and creationism for other venues such as philosophy class.

If it weren't for religion, what would either of those words even mean in school? The fact is that far more people are exposed to religion than philosophy classes. I'm very curious. Could you please explain what YOU mean when you say "naturalism"?

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