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Comment 5 by Alan4discussion (whose posts I like)

Yes Alan, all those factions - political, medical, nursing, funeral, insurance, religious - all protecting their own businesses & agendas, but mostly not taking into proper consideration the rational, humanist, anti-theist, ethical & moral wishes of the sole owner of the life in question.

Since I have not a single religious cell (pun intended) in me - despite efforts to infect me throughout my life in 3 countries - I have no concept of gods, souls or sins, so the decisions I've made on this & other subjects are based on my own inherent & learned morality & ethics.

The biggest problems facing all life are over-population & over-consumption, with most other problems stemming from them, so I can help by reduced my consumption, living small & beautiful, then deciding when I should subtract myself from both those equations.

Thanks to all the great thinkers I've read, watched & listened to for 50 years, I have had a lot of enjoyment, education & enlightenment in all the areas that really matter to me.

I understand that there is no purpose to life, but there certainly is purpose in life, and I still have much fulfillment in helping educate many others in my own small areas of competence.

Deciding to slightly shorten my life will not reduce my worth, marginalize my efforts, insult my species, or disrespect those billions who never have the chance to live at all, since I do my best during this brief stay.

I only ask that I be treated as one would any other ailing animal, by taking out my life under general anesthetic - and not forcing me to endure unnecessary suffering due to the beliefs & fears of others.


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