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I was indoctrinated by my parents, priests and teachers and only wised up when I could read and had access to non fiction. It was a lonely path to atheism. I wasted the first 12 years of my life on nonsense (religion) agonised about it for another 3 or 4 years (reading on other religions - all the same shite) and then found Science and read On The Origin of Species by Charles Dawin. Eureka!

The difficulties with my parents persisted until I was able to leave home (and the country) but I had already understood that they had been brainwashed and were not really to blame. In fact their ambition to have me better educated than they had been was the main reason for me being able to wise up.

That was all nearly 50 years ago and I find it hard to believe how any educated person who can read and chooses to read non fiction can be religious. The Universe, our planet and humans are far more interesting than any superstition and Science continues to amaze us as we find out mor and increase human knowledge.

Religion contains zero knowledge. It does not explain and understand our world, how it works, how we can study it and establish and apply knowledeg to improve the human lot.

I know god(s) did not create the smartphone. I know that the people who invented are standing on the shoulders of giants who worked the first tool, discovered the first metal, worked out how to leverage electricity and .etc

Why would any atheist have any doubts about rationality. The mystery of superstition is just this - why does anyone believe?. When you realise that you have been indoctrinated with nonsense, eureka you have the answer. You then stick to science and what can be tested, verified, repeated and proved. You know religion is silly, dangerous silly.

If you must speculate, base it on the growing legacy of giants, not the liturgy religion(s).

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