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Wow raytoman,that is very logical and I am sure many atheists wonder the same thing. In fact that is what most are trying to fight against or at the very least understand.

The answer to your question :

Why would any atheist have any doubts about rationality.

Because rationality is not monopolized by atheists. Even theists can rationalize their beliefs. Humans rationalize reason.

I find it hard to believe how any educated person who can read and chooses to read non fiction can be religious.

Because religion binds you when you are weak. it creeps it's head like a devil when you are vulnerable. People place ideas in ones mind that are hard to get rid of. These ideas somehow reach the weakest part of the individual.

It is a type of surrendering. If you ever surrendered you know what it means.

In fact their ambition to have me better educated than they had been was the main reason for me being able to wise up.

So brainwashed and indoctrinated as they were you got a great deal . Glad you acknowledge them weakness and all. I think all parents want their children to be smarter than they were.

I wasted the first 12 years of my life on nonsense

It was not nonsense if it showed you how to tell a lie from truth. Sometimes lies come before truth and one must learn to tell the difference.

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