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I am not sure in what class of orthodox jew the OP found himself. When I lived in Israel and went to school we studied the bible as a humanities type class not in a religious way. We were free to interpret the talmud.

We were encouraged to raise concerns and doubts. I was told that is the jewish way. To analyze and raise concerns and doubt never to follow blindly . This of course made me think well, if they encourage doubt they must be pretty sure of themselves. I think in a way that is what it was about.

To let you arrive at the only conclusion which makes sense given the information. In essence it was instilling critical thinking . In a non theistic but in human way.

I think the jews gave up on gods a long time ago. The only thing they cling to is tribal ritual. It is an identity. A collective one.

No jew is free until they are free from gods and unnecessary ritual. I wish they could all see it my friends and their friends. There is community and there is delusion, I wish they did not have to pick both..........

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