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I think that this is all largely down to the United States being completely unique in how it's turned God into big business. No other country on Earth has done this, or at least not to the same extent. You have big-buck pastors with enormous congregations, who use their influence to make a fortune. To maintain control and to bring more people to them, they have to make people believe that they need God. They convince people that the only way to find meaning in their lives is through God, and that as long as they have 'faith' that everything is going to be alright.

Big business religion has only really taken such an extreme hold since about the time of Reagan, and now is a routine fund-raiser for Presidential candidates in exchange for a bit of advertising around election time. Science is seen as an enemy to this, because it has the capacity to wake people up. This is why such an extreme and vehemently anti-science brigade has appeared. The fight against science is being encouraged so that the religious groups don't lose their precious influence.

Quite why evolution in particular is targeted I'm not sure. It certainly flies in the face of the very old and central belief that God created all life. But, so does the Big Bang Theory with regard to the creation of the Universe. The Big Bang Theory can be 'made compatible' with religion, if you decide to throw in the unnecessary addition of a deity, but the same could be said of evolution (and indeed is by the Catholic Church, as some others here have pointed out). Perhaps evolution is more powerful in its ability to unravel the hold of 'faith' over people, because of its sheer simplicity.

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