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← Why is evolution more accepted in Mexico than in the USA?

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Why, if the USA [has] a strong school system, are people there still denying evolution?

There's your problem right there. You assume that because the US is rich it has good schools.

I wouldn't send any child of mine to a US Gov't. funded school for all the tea in China. The US has good private schools, and it would be unfair to say all US Gov't. schools are equally bad - as far as I can tell some even achieve mediocrity.

I am being partisan using old data, and the last time I looked at detailed international comparisons was ten years ago but I heven't seen anything to change my mind either. US schools have consistently scored Low in comparisons of educational attainment at high school.

My own time in tha States seemed to confirm that many US citizens only really start education when (and if) they go to college.


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