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← Why is evolution more accepted in Mexico than in the USA?

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@Comment 19 by Stephen of Wimbledon: I wouldn't send any child of mine to a US Gov't. funded school for all the tea in China.

I agree for the most part, but public schools quality depends on the district they are located in. For example, Beverly Hills High school. It is a public school in an area full of reich people and high property taxes which go to school bonds etc.

A public school in an area of mostly lower middle class or poor, will have less resources to support the school beyond the minimum .

I was shocked when I was a grade school teacher, that kids did not have enough text books and had to share!! Teachers used their own money to buy supplies. This is a rich country which does not believe in education as one of the most important things a country can do for it's people.

It is a vocational oriented country which has outsourced it's vocational work and people now do not have work unless they move to China. The infrastructure is no there any longer.

Mexican Catholicism is different than others because it is mixed in along with cultural rituals pagan rituals they have incorporated from their native religion. Most people know it is mythology and understand science and evolution as best they can. But they also like their saints. They do not mix one with the other. Seems they know it's place.

In Mexico everyone has the opportunity of education. After public school they can go to public university. There is social medicine and are more advanced than in the USA. Why? Because they do not let religion matters be more important than secular matters.

In other words once they know what it is about, like stem cell research, they would not block such research on account of religion as was done here in the USA by Bush. Mexico has many people of many religions but the law is secular.

Maybe people see this and it helps them also differentiate between science and religion as being two separate things one not being influenced by the other.

There are people who are drowning in Catholicism extreme. But most are not.

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