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Comment 19 by Stephen of Wimbledon :

Why, if the USA [has] a strong school system, are people there still denying evolution?

There's your problem right there. You assume that because the US is rich it has good schools.

I wouldn't send any child of mine to a US Gov't. funded school for all the tea in China. The US has good private schools, and it would be unfair to say all US Gov't. schools are equally bad - as far as I can tell some even achieve mediocrity.

I am being partisan using old data, and the last time I looked at detailed international comparisons was ten years ago but I heven't seen anything to change my mind either. US schools have consistently scored Low in comparisons of educational attainment at high school.

You are using a bad argument of right-wingers there, in fact the very same ones who usually teach the anti-evolution dogma. The argument utterly ignores one vitally important fact: Private schools are allowed to eject students who perform poorly, while Government schools take all comers and in fact are required to by law. A private school can keep its scores high by being selective about the students it takes in versus the students it refuses. Then liars use the better scores by the students as "evidence" that the school did a better job educating them when in fact the primary reason for the difference in performance was the difference in the kids the school got as its "input" to work with. You can be kicked out of a private school for getting low grades. A government school can only hold you back a year for performing poorly, but then your poor scores still reflect on the pubilc school's record in statistics like the one you quoted.

And you're unwittingly playing right into the tea-bagger fundamentalist's hands by using that argument. Their plan is to say "see, public schools bad, private schools good" as a reason to give less funding to public schools, which then cause them to become worse, which they can use as a reason to give them even less funding, in a downward spiral. The goal? Put education back into the hands of religious institutions instead of it being seen as a public good.

Worse even than merely defunding public schools, is giving that money to private religious schools, in the form of tuition vouchers that are over-valued being given to parents who want to pull their students out of public school and put them in private school. (The argument is that this is money the government would have spent on educating your kid in the public school, so here take that money and use it toward a private one instead. But the vouchers are over-valued so each kid removed thusly from public school removes more money than it actually took to have that kid in the school. Again, the goal is to MAKE public schools shitty so kids no longer have to be educated with the truth and instead can be educated by teaching them the bullshit the church wants to teach.

Worse yet is when these assholes get into power and pass legislation demanding that teachers in the public schools must lie to their children about US history and about biology, thus helping ensure they reach even the kids who aren't pulled out of public school.

My own time in tha States seemed to confirm that many US citizens only really start education when (and if) they go to college.

And the fix is NOT to defund public schooling by repeating the dodgy claim that private schools do a better job when in reality their better scores are just because they can eject students who bring down their scores.

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