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Comment 7 by VrijVlinder. (another likeable poster) Thanks for your recommendation - I looked at reviews & comments on it, and it doesn't apply to me directly yet, but it does have Jack Lemmon in it, so I would like it.

Animals are sometimes treated better at the end, and I've made the euthanasia decision at times with family pets, and I think I made the best choice for them, sad as it was.

In most cases, animals are not treated well in life or in death, mostly because humans generally believe we are far removed from, and far above, them. This makes people think our lives are special, sacred, and worth so much more than other forms of life - and these beliefs are mainly generated, imposed and supported by those of Faith. These memes have been socially indoctrinated for so long that even non-theists have strong feelings and discomfort about self-determination regarding death.

You said "There has to be some organization dedicated to help people with their own death."

I understand why this is a controversial, risky area, especially for medical professionals, as we have seen in various 'Doctor Death' social frenzies, but on this over-populated, over-exploited planet it is something we have to get our minds around because it will become more common over time. I got helpful information in books such as Final Exit, and there are reincarnations of the Hemlock Society that do good work for people and in politics.

It seems that assisted suicide, like non-theism, is still denigrated by most people, due to lack of respect for the knowledge, decisions and wishes of the individual.

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