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@Mac Thank you that is very kind. I guess my point with that book was how someone plans for their death when they know when it's coming.

People plan for it even if it is not as far as they know. Today I got a card in the mail saying I won a free cremation . There seems to be a lot of support after death, and before death but not with death itself.

People can't be cured but they are not allowed to die either. That is a crying shame. There used to be honor in death. To die with honor. To die with dignity. Death is also beautiful.

The only ethical question raised here should be " Why Not?" It is borderline torture. People need to be free to choose. Maybe they fear that if it becomes common place to be helped to die, that people without a terminal illness will want to do it. I would think those people need medical mental help but their malady is also non curable. when they go off the meds they want to commit suicide because they can't stand life anymore.

Should mentally ill who can be lucid off the meds make that call for themselves? At what point in their disease can a terminally ill person lose their right to ask for help to die before they are deemed incompetent to make the choice?

There are doctors who are humane and risk their livelihood to help people. There is an underground of euthanasia providers. I don't mean the mexican drug cartel (joke) In Holland it is legal. In Mexico it is legal but even if it wasn't there would be a doctor willing to help. There are many places where they do not denigrate the individual and their wishes.

The right to life should also include the right to death.

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