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When I asked a teacher and she said all those other storiess aren't real but the ones in the Bible are I knew it didn't make sense and from then on I felt confident that all religions were made up.

Very young children tend to regard parents and teachers as all-knowing authorities - especially the sorts of adults who make up rubbish rather than admit they don't know or need to find out. - Until the penny drops.

I remember as a child of 5 or 6, I was writing about playing at home in the garden. My father had referred to some trees and shrubs by their botanical (Latin) names, and I asked the teacher how to spell these. - She did not know what I was talking about.

That could be a good test for kids wanting to know if teachers understand evolutionary science. While it gives no positive guarantee, those who can't do basic botanical names of common garden plants, probably don't know much about biosciences.

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