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@Comment 3 by ShinobiYaka: if one were to carefully remove chunks of these dense nets of neurons, one will witness the self gradually become extinct, which is why dementia is so feared by many, but that relates to the nature of sentience itself, the self is only a small part of the whole, most of which is entirely hidden from us, at least on a conscious level.

We may not be able to compile that much data on a conscious level, or do not need to. Even though sentience allows to peep in on occasion.

Predetermination, absolut or not absolute? If we know the result of a process then we can absolutely predetermine the outcome under similar circumstances and conditions. Or can we ?

Deterministic sugests a level of predetermination even at a subconscious level. We can be aware of this but can we control it?

A dementia patient who is unaware of their situation may not be suffering as much as one who is and may not care if they have a self.. Not all dementia is the same or occurs in the same way. I would hate to think that life is based on probabilities but I think you may be right.

It may not matter is we are aware or not. By the time we do it is always too late. "I should have seen it coming ". Maybe when it matters the most is when someone is making the call on your life and it's importance to continue or not based on their determination given the probabilities...Predetermining that there is no more they can do.

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