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Comment 6 by raytoman :

Still, who would rather be anything else but human?

This is interesting from a pure science perspective - neuroscience and cognition and how they react with experiences to deliver a sum total RED or BLACK balance to the neuron daily banking systems of the individual life being lived.

Me, for example, have lived neuron RED for the majority of my life experience. This is, of course, an interesting thing to me as to why that might be. No doubt about it, I have played every card and failed to secure a winning streak that enables be to run my own casino, so to speak, in having my neuron balance replenished by others gambling theirs at my advantage. This is, I think, largely the model for the life lived!

I am no exploiter of others and as such maybe this was my downfall, due my particular circumstance likely being of more advantage to myself had I been motivated thus! It is true that some humans have no need to exploit anyone, due their circumstance being less bankered, somehow, against them needing to do so to secure a neuron BLACK balance per se ( their life inherits such a neuron-positive advance as to make the concept irrelevant to their life per se - bar chaos conspiring large losses against them). So here we have a perfect example , in me, of someone with the mind of an inheritor of wealth, born poor so to speak - not feeling motivated to grab at others efforts and loyalties but more in favour of freethinking and equality of choice, but rapidly becoming all too aware his own resources were being eroded and consumed faster than he could replenish them, in real and metaphorical terms - a socially unsustainable equation looming large!

On the other hand, you might, for example have family and others often rallying round for you and constantly providing you neuron chips to rest your head upon an end of day balance - in the BLACK, more days than is not the case - as in the Jeeves and Wooster generation of high brow society. Alternatively your daily neuron bookkeeping might render you feeling responsible for the plight of others neuron balances more often than your own - resulting in a frequent "in the RED" habit of life per se.

Add to this the fact that most humans are notorious for "winners and losers" type dogma, and it does not take a rocket scientist to see how your plight of how you feel will often be levelled against you, in the same way a bankrupt might invoke the displeasures of the casino to whom they are indebted, in spite of them having provided said casino with ALL of their resources/ earnings. The winner (casino owner) displays no thanks for previous "favours" done ( as in winnings taken - as the math said they would) , but a general resentment or tolerance, at best, for favours still expected!

Taking humanity as a whole, it is easy to see how the majority of "casino neuron individuals" will be much of a minority, as compared to the "gambling neuron individuals" and as such there is much room for exploitation of neurons in general. Religion has secured stakes in every society based upon this feature, for example. As an aside, many lives have been enjoyed and lived within religions walls, again in winner/ loser ratios, through theisms casinos built on neuron gambling. - but that's a slight digression.

The stark truth is that more lives are worth the losing ( neuron RED ) than are worth the living ( neuron BLACK) and it is this dissonance ( suspension of the good life) upon what most action is staked. Due this, suspension of reality comes as no surprise to me, as a manifestly dominant feature of human brains per se, the world over. It is no surprise to acknowledge therefore that most are preoccupied, obsessively, with what can be got that is not yet achieved, than with what they already have and are happy to be. Heaven can hardly be a greater deception, when one learns what it truly is: the trickster seducing you into gambling your whole consciousness on a game that can never be concluded. Little wonder such bankers have done so well out of humanity, when they never have to pay out on the results of the race.

And this is another reason for my neuron indebtedness per se: I know when I have been bankered! There are more of us who have than have not, naturally!

Which brings me back to altruism per se! How do I feel?

I'll tell you, with no regrets:

I feel, given the hypothetical choice, that requested I decide:

1) Never having existing, or;

2) Going through the life I have lived.

And given the hypothetical probability that maybe ( for I have no real way of knowing):

3) That my existence has made others unhappier than they would otherwise be, or;

4) That I have in some way contributed to someone else being happier than they would otherwise have been.

I would be bound to select 1 - in all situations that respected the life I must live and 4, if in spite of this I must still live it.

Meantime, I suspect there is some neuron reserve that vaguely hangs upon the hook of "one last gamble" might return a less indebted neuron balance, that keeps one from checking out altogether, plus the 4 above that is always the "exploitative doubts of unknowing" many of us must suffer not unconsciously delivering others a 3 due our easing our own pains of living this RED balance nightmare in its various degrees.

I think this last point relies on tolerance per se, of ones own pains versus unknown altruisms of how not being around might cause pain to others.

One always hopes, of course, otherwise why be around at all, that BLACK neurons are hopefully headed our way sometime someplace - and will stick around for the duration! We all hope it adds up to that in the end! Que sera!

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