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That is both tragic and also a better way to die than to cling and suffer through every breath. 93 is a good age to hang up the shoes. I hope my mother lasts that long (is84) she is all I have now even though we are somewhat distant. We can't have an intellectual conversation like I used to with my father.

My Great aunt died just as you describe with your mother, except she was sitting on the toilet when it happened. No joke. She was rather young when this happened maybe in her 50's or late 40's.

Bloody faulty design our bodies are. I can't stress it enough to those creationists, if their proposition was true then the blame for less than optimum design and poor planning makes their creator a bumbling fool!!!?

A little spackle and a little paint makes a carpenter what he ain't ....

How important are last wishes after death versus wishes before death including the right to choose how and when you want to end your suffering?

I would think it is more important to fulfill the persons wishes before they die. After that it won't matter to them and it is all just ritual for those who are left behind. It is the only ones it really serves...

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