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You don't understand the social pressures and guilt trips the jewish community puts on it's people. When a person leaves the faith, in orthodox cases and in some not so orthodox , the person becomes dead to the family and the community. They even hold a funeral in ceremony of their departure.

I know this because My grandmother did it to my Aunt. She had been in an arranged marriage my grandmother selected for her at 17 with an older man of wealth. She had 3 children but was very unhappy and divorced. This made my grandmother very upset and she punished he by cutting her out of her will and her life pretty much. Had a funeral after she married a catholic of italian descent.Whom she later had two children and subsequently divorced as well, then Shacked up with a black man and pretended he was her driver so no one would find out their relationship when it was discovered. That was more than she could bare. (grandmother) Maybe she was right in disowning her she is not a likable individual. Then again I don't know if that is a good enough reason.

I can understand where the problem here lies. It is not so much the giving up the religion but to have your family and friends divorce you because you have walked away. That can only be mended by finding other jewish atheists who have the same ideas and become part of that community.

There is no question that judaism the way it is practiced today is outdated and obsolete and only perpetuated by foolish people who think automating electrical devices on sabbath somehow fulfills the no work on sabbath rule. If there was a god it would not be stupid and would see all, it would say that is fecking cheating and strike people dead.!!!!

There are serious areas of judaism that are outdated and no longer relevant. No matter how they get interpreted it really boils down to whether you believe there are gods or not. If you believe there are no gods, then most of what is written in the tanach which is supposed to have come from the word of god, are false.

You can keep the good parts (if any) of judaism and at the same time discard the god attached. Every time you question yourself, remember there are no gods so much of the ritual is made up and nonsense. But you don't have to give up your identity. You can be an Atheist Jew.

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