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I don't think you should leave Pakistan. If this is the route chosen by most whom, despite the odds, have finally seen the light, we'd have no improvement in such places. You will simply be replaced by two newborns. I'd say the first step in your case is to do just the bare minimum your religion demands and even less wherever possible and when no one's looking. Just enough to keep you alive, so to speak. Not going to "extremes" is already a contribution in itself that has a good chance of rubbing off on those around you, especially if you're in an "influential" or respectable position, such as a physician or teacher. At the very least, your friends (some of whom may be potential "extremists") will follow your example without anything having to be said explicitly. Let the circle grow from there. We humans tend to emulate those around us.

Thu, 12 Jul 2012 03:49:52 UTC | #948949