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I saw Brian Cox on Andrew Neil's "This Week" program cryptically explaining the Higgs boson being that stuff which fills up a vacuum with which the particles we already know about react or integrate in some way ( I hope I got this right?). During his interview he acknowledged his aptitude for political awareness but wondered about his value there since, when asked why he doesn't consider contributing to this field more, as he put it, "Politics doesn't seem to want to listen to evidence...?". Until then.....

However he filed a footnote by mentioning how education in Britain, more especially in some of the "elitist institutions" like Oxford, needs political reinforcements, since its ways of thinking and resisting trends due dogma and ill logic has taken centuries to secure and further establish the best links and quality that reinforces this position, partly no doubt, due it not having been too often financially compromised too often.

From the layman's perspective, it's always sad to acknowledge elite provisions as something alien to ones life per se, but seeing that for some this can be made to happen is very certainly a next best thing to doing the impossible in everyones behalf.

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