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Hi Rosemae

I love the idea of your eldest reading Magic of Reality in RE time. It’s quite funny. Once he’s finished that he can progress to the The God Delusion. :)

There’s no reason why five- and seven-year-olds can’t look at the pictures and understand a lot of the text in MoR. My 8 y/o son particularly liked the fish ancestry story and pictures, and the reduction of complex systems by starting fires.

Or perhaps buy the younger ones some evolutionary books aimed at their age group. As Zen said, one only very rarely goes wrong with dinosaurs.

John van Wyhe’s Charles Darwin: The Story of the Man and His Theories of Evolution is a lovely book, with lots of facsimile notes and pictures to take out and lose.

Another book my sons loved is Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons which likewise has lots of loose inserts, including REAL ‘dragon dust,’ the CORRECT systematic taxonomy of dragon species, and so on.

The latter tome is a useful analogy of how something which is so obviously made-up can draw you in and soon feel true.

BTW, is RE in Australia the teaching of one religion with the assumption it is correct? Or the comparative study of varying religious beliefs? The latter I have little problem with.

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