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Comment 15 by logicophilosophicus :

Personally I think awareness itself, and probably also volition, will require new physics. I'd certainly regard it as an unwarranted act of faith to assert that the known particles and forces, as of this moment in time, MUST be entirely sufficient to explain free will, intention, purpose, ethics, value and the rest.

I'm less convinced free will, ethics and each newborns unfolding human biology; in seeking gradual synchronicity with information received from the entropy, is as elusive of our understanding as we imagine. It strikes me we have overdeveloped brains due our inter species competitiveness repeatedly selecting brains that are good to do this, as well as ones that can be usefully subjected to perform their social machinery "free-less will", for preservation of their free-will positions: over many generations (the haves over the have nots).

The bi-products of this perennial enterprise, I think have resulted in many "accessory emotions" and stuff that keeps the humans "at the coal face" along with the set of those naturally inherited in fights for survival and kin protections. I think we have come so far down this road that we often find each other often unable to distinguish the one from the other and why we have them at all. It's not tough, for example, to find a human brain entirely devoted to a molded lump of matter as if it possesses the force of the cosmos.

Shades of this are all around us, and not so surprisingly, in us! The clear light of the universe is too often polluted by that of human minds everywhere, and through the eyes we see, for us to be sure of what is what. Good then, that here, we have places to share such visions.

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