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Comment 203 by RJMoore :

Comment 202 by Steve Zara

The criterion for Catholicism accepting evolution is not scientific evidence, but that evolution doesn't seem to get in the way of spiritual belief and core Catholic values.

Is that true? Surely it was the weight of scientific evidence (in respect of evolution) that forced the CC to accept it that the theory held water.

@RJ - the RCC only ever make official pronouncments if it is of direct benefit to... the RCC. That is how it stays in business.

(As above) I dont think its acceptance is on theological grounds at all; it just couldnt deny what was shown to be true by science.

They can only accept evolution on theological (or "theistic evolutionary") grounds because the science of evolution shows their "original sin" shell-game to be bogus: no "Adam and Eve", no "original sin", no need for Jesus as saviour.

You only have to watch the pretzel-logic and mental gymnastics of Catholics, who do profess to accept evolution, in action to see the illegitimacy of their position.

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