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Following through some of the ideas, supportive of atheism, that fail to build consensus and accessible clarity, one can easily begin to see the room for exploitation due appeals to outside agency that become ever likelier to befall the masses, whose investment of time pondering such things likely offers few rewards, financially or in real terms of understanding. Those who make careers and kindred groups amongst such thought real estate are, I fear, ever likelier alienating their message from those whom they aspire to suggest rely too heavily on easily accessible delusions.

It's clear that even the top biologists for example defer to top physicists over much reasoning. Now this is fine for they who build career and lifestyle out of such pursuits, and it is all good to be frequently moving in such circles of enlightenment, but I wonder how such things translate down the ladder of humanity per se? I really wonder at one point the balance tips irreversibly, to conspire against such individuals, in the highly populated corridors of dogma and double-dealing, where this kind of clarity and appeal to analyse oft meets with derision and a general consensus branding one a loose cannon and rocking the boat against those who are rowing?

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