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@Comment 7 by adiroth : Red Scare.

Hmm , I don't find communism a bad thing, sans Stalin of course. But communism is not atheism . It is much more. Atheism is only not believing there is a god or gods. Communism is sociopolitical and it is only coincidental that religions are not supported. It is logical they would not be since that is the biggest divide between people. Once you get rid of the divide you can unite with common interest.

Maybe because the majority of atheists in the world live in communist countries ? But I am not even sure that is accurate either. We really do not know how many atheists there are because they could be in hiding under the radar.

It is unfair to be lumped into categories that do not reflect what atheism means. Further rubbing the wound with salt by belittling or maligning it continuously.

The majority of atheists in the public eye, represent us quite well. They are Doctors Professors Astronauts.

I think Atheism should be categorized as Intellectualism .

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