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I am ambivalent about projects like this

I'm not. I'd simply say thank you very much, without any reservations.

That said, I agree with the sentiment of your post. While you mourn the fees of the early 2000s, back when I blew the chance of a tertiary education there were no fees, like Scandinavia and Scotland today.

It will reduce the momentum for change and make a profound reversal in policy all the less likely to happen,

This is where we disagree. I believe that you seriously over estimate the Tories: there is S.F.A chance of a change in government thinking this side of the next election. And whatever figure Labour promise to cap Fees at, I think it's 6,000 at the present, will be pure vote bait and not influenced by this gift at all. I don't know what the Lib Dems are promising, but then, who cares?

I agree with you regarding the taxes. But, unlike this gift, that's not going to happen any time soon.

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