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Mark Ribbands #12

the rich, by definition, are not stupid.

We are way off topic here, but as this isn't the Daily Mail, I can't let that one go unchallenged. Try this:

"George Bush is rich, and therefore by definition, not stupid." Do you have enough money in the bank to see how daft that looks?

"The rich, by definition, are born rich." My comment is a ridiculous generalisation. But I'll bet it's a damn sight closer to the truth than yours is. I don't have any evidence, apart from anecdotes, to back up my claim but nobody seems to insist on it around here.

I'm ashamed to admit that I used to work in sales. We used to make a lot more money than your average Oxford don. By your logic, we were smarter than the dons. I wish that you could have heard our afterwork conversations in the pub. Then, I'd hope, you'd never have made such a ludicrous comment.

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